IAIE COVID-19 Response & Resources

Dear IAIE Members and Friends,
As we navigate this world-wide health challenge, IAIE is here to help and to support in as many ways as possible. In the next few weeks, I will be sharing resources and examples of ways that we are getting through this time together. Now, more than ever, practicing intentional care, optimism, trust, and respect, ICORT, is critical.
I have asked our practitioners and health experts to provide me with ideas, tips, links, and articles that I can pass along. As teachers are asked to connect with new content and digital work for students, staying current with new ideas is important. If you are doing something in your community, school, or home to provide instruction, mental health best-practices, or simple acts of kindness, please share them with me. (Email: Kathy Fields)
Sally Butzin and I will work to keep our Facebook page filled with all of your wonderful examples. If you aren't following us on Facebook, please like our page, International Alliance for Invitational Education.
Please remember to renew your membership and to use your gift membership card for a friend, family member or colleague. Like all non-profits, the Coronavirus is causing us to do things differently. Rescheduling the World Conference to 2021 will significantly impact our financial resources. This is our largest fund-raising venture and that will be lost revenue this year.
Principals and directors, I know that you must allocate or spend your grants, Title I, or flex spending prior to the end of June. Remember that you can renew your membership early and that we have books available in our bookstore that you can purchases for staff book studies.
We accept purchase orders and provide discounts for multiple copies. You can contact me or Charlanne Pook by email for any assistance.
Donations can also be made directly to IAIE during this time. More information and resources will be shared as they are obtained.

Stay safe and well,

Kathy Fields

Executive Director IAIE


  • On-line book study~ The Fundamentals of Invitational Education, Creating a Positive School Climate 100 Nuts and Bolts or other Inviting Schools books. Now is a great time to provide professional development opportunities. If you are currently a practicing IE school or a new school wishing to know more about IE, bringing new staff members up to date on your work is critical. This is a great way to allocate funding and to provide your staff with ways to create a more inviting environment. Multiple copy discounts are available. We accept purchase orders.
  • Websites available to help~ National Center on Accessible Educational Materials
  • Digital Promise
  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Cincinnati Zoo
  • Face Time, Zoom, Google Hangouts~ these digital platforms help keep you connected with your students, families, colleagues and community.


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