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About IAIE

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The International Alliance for Invitational Education works to create and sustain positive school climates. It seeks to enrich the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual lives of people in schools.

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The International Alliance for Invitational Education® (IAIE) is a not-for-profit, worldwide organization of educators and allied professionals who are dedicated to creating, sustaining, and enhancing positive environments that cordially summon people to realize their full potential.


Over 450 schools around the world have implemented a positive climate framework built on Invitational Theory and Practice and have received the IAIE Inviting School Award and Fidelity School Award. Inviting schools enjoy increased academic achievement, graduation and attendance rates, collaboration, engagement, and cooperation, while decreasing behavior

problems, conflicts, suspensions, failures, and teacher burnout.


IAIE also serves as a network for organizations to share ideas globally. The Inviting School Survey-Revised provides an online tool through which school leaders can receive disaggregated data about their school climate,compared with similar schools around the world. IAIE also hosts an annualWorld Conference.


Membership in IAIE provides access to online member resources, including the Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice. 

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The Theory Behind Our Practice

Invitational Education is an ethical theory of professional and personal practice that influences the well-being of all who are involved in educating— students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents—and that intentionally seeks to create, sustain, and enhance total learning environments based on trust, respect, optimism, and care. The five assumptions of Invitational Education both focus and constrain educators to operate democratically.

5 Assumptions of IE

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