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Custom Workshops

IAIE leaders are available to design and lead custom workshops and coaching sessions for you and your school.  Any IAIE individual member may request one FREE workshop for their staff, leadership team, or school climate committee.


IAIE membership is only 35.00 per year.


To request a custom workshop or coaching session contact

Eulogio Alejandre, IAIE Executive Director 

Here are just a few examples of
topics IAIE can help you with

An introduction to Invitational Education: A beneficial framework for teaching, leading, and learning

Understanding human motivation:  The invitational model


The power of interpersonal communication in schools


An invitational approach to parent communication


Invitational teaching strategies that foster positive self-concepts and academic success


You choose the intent of your message, but the listener assigns the meaning: How to communicate from a perceptual point of view


The role of interpersonal communication in teaching, learning, and leading


How Invitational Schools reduce staff stress & increase retention


Intentionally inviting staff communication: The foundation for safe and supportive schools


Taking the Challenge out of Conversations: How to communicating feelings & needs without judgment or blame.


Consequential Cross-Cultural Paradigms Every Educator Should Know:  A Path to Respect and Trust in Schools


Becoming an inviting school: A 12 step guide to implementing the Invitational Education framework.

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