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Fidelity School Award Application Guide


Win the Inviting School Award

You have already taken the first steps to making education in your organization better. Congratulations! Now it's time to continue your journey to improve your knowledge of Invitational Theory and improve your use of inviting practices! You can now apply for one of the FIVE prestigious Fidelity Awards.



Fidelity Awards are given annually. The application is free and requires a current IAIE Institutional Membership to apply. The application is due by April 30th and all required materials must be submitted by June 30th each year.


Inviting School Survey (ISS-R)

Administer the ISS-R Survey or your choice of another nationally normed survey to your school's stakeholders.  If you do not use the ISS-R, please identify the survey course and results. We recommend you complete the survey portion by February 1st, to use the results to guide improvement plans and initiatives that will part of your final report.


Assess School Growth

Utilize the Invitational Education Helix Model which you can download on our Resources Page to assess your school's growth since your Inviting Schools Award was achieved


Complete Summary

Complete a brief summary of how Invitational Education has impacted your school's climate and culture.


Announce Future Plans

Describe how Invitational Education will influence the future plans of your school.  Those schools who achieve the Fidelity Award will be announced at the  Annual World Conference.  Good Luck!

Application Procedures

We are thrilled that you are interested in becoming Fidelity School Award winner! Congratulations on taking this giant step toward making your school an even better place for students to learn and teachers to educate!

There are five distinct levels of Fidelity School Awards: 1st Silver, 2nd Silver, 3rd Silver, 4th Silver and then the prestigious Gold Fidelity award for those organizations who have ten years of consistently improved Fidelity Award level invitational education environments.

We know there's a great deal of work that goes into preparing for these awards and even more work that goes into improving and documenting your organization progress on the Invitational Education path. We are thrilled you are taking those next steps now and we are here to help.
 Contact us with any questions.

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