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School Survey

Access to Invitational School Surveys


Free Invitational School Survey


Do you want to learn more about our invitational school survey? To determine how inviting your organization is at this time, you can complete the survey online as a website subscriber. It's free to subscribe. You will receive a copy of your survey by email to help you evaluate and compare your answers to others in your organization who have completed the survey. For more information on the survey, see the Survey Manual which includes information regarding new translated versions and the higher education version of the survey.  



PDF Survey for Researchers

We have added a PDF version for those who prefer to use paper copies and for the convenience of students doing research on invitational education and school climate. You will need to log in to the website to access this PDF. Log in to the website to access our survey using the  button below. If you are using the survey for research purposes, please contact us



Paid Survey: Disaggregated Data with Report

If you would prefer to have your organization's survey responses collected electronically, the data disaggregated, and receive a report on the findings (including guidance on what you are doing well and which areas could be improved), we offer that service to our members. Members may purchase this service in our online store.

ISS-R Survey

What is the ISS-R Survey?

The Inviting School Survey-Revised (ISS-R) is a 50-item survey to be completed online by students, teachers, school staff, and parents/guardians. The survey is designed to measure the degree to which schools summon people to realize their potential in five basic dimensions: People, Places, Policies, Programs and Processes. 


1.     To learn how students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents perceive the school.

2.     To identify areas of weakness and strength in the school climate.

3.     To use as pre-post measures in assessing school improvement.

4.     To identify schools which are eligible to receive the Inviting School Award or the Fidelity School Awards.

5.     To obtain scores on five factors plus a composite (total) score.

6.     To compare your schools with others in our global community.


Cost and How to Order:

There is a free version of the ISS-R available for use by individual and institutional members of IAIE, as well as researchers.


Schoolwide administration of the ISS-R is $150.00, which includes fully disaggregated data and a detailed report.

All Inviting School Award Applicants complete the survey as part of their application process. However, a school does not have to be an Inviting School Award Applicant to use the Survey. We do encourage all schools to participate in the Inviting School Award process, to receive international acknowledgement for your work in school climate. Visit our Awards Page for more information.


After you purchase your Survey, you will receive an email with full instructions to access the survey. Share the login information with any member of your administrative team, teachers, students, parents and staff you want to participate in your survey process. Be sure to contact us when your survey process is complete. We will not work with your data until you let us know that all surveys are in. You will receive all the necessary information when you receive your survey access email.


Guidelines for Collecting Responses:


A minimum of 100 survey responses should be collected; however, there is no limit as to the number of responses you may submit. It is strongly suggested that a representative sample group is obtained. Ideally, 30% Students, 30% Teachers, 30% Parents and 10% School Staff (e.g. Administrators, Counselors and Support Staff.)


How Is The ISS-R Administered and Scored?

The ISS-R is designed for online, self-administration. Members of a school community or participants in a research study take the ISS-R individually and their results are compiled for their assigned school or group. Most respondents complete the survey within 20 minutes or less. Scores for schools or other groups are compiled and put in charts for easy disaggregation. Each participating school/district will receive a detailed report.



For further information about the Survey please refer to the Inviting School Survey (Revised) Manual, which includes important information regarding new translated versions and the higher education version of the survey.

For any additional questions, please contact us

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