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International Alliance for Invitational Education


The People of IAIE

Our Board of Trustees

Angela Miller

Board Chair

2nd Term 2018-2020

William Purkey, Ed.D.

Co-Founder & Member

Lifetime Term

Trina Smathers

Board Member

1st Term 2020-2022

Dr. John Novak

Board Member

Lifetime Term

Eulgolio Alejandre

Board Member

1st Term 2020-2022

Ed Nelson

Board Member

2nd Term 2019-2021

Dr. John Ivers

Board Member

1st Term 2018-2020

Thomas Blaylock

Board Member

1st Term 2018-2020

James Botts

Board Member

1st Term 2019-2021

Dr. Barbara Hansen

Board Member

1st Term 2020-2022

Our Advisory Council

The IAIE Advisory Council consists of a maximum of 40 volunteers. All Council members are IAIE members in good standing, nominated by the membership, and approved by the Board of Trustees. The Council meets annually to advise the Board of Trustees on the direction of the Alliance and to develop formal recommendations for the Board to review. Council members serve the Alliance as members of IAIE Committees or by otherwise promoting Invitational Education. Council members serve a two-year term and can serve more than one term if nominated. The Board of Trustees names the Chair of the Advisory Council to serve a two-year term.

Dr. Jetta Tarr

Advisory Council Chair


Indiana Regional Director
1911 Hunters Trail
Brownsburg, IN 46112

Joan Fretz

Council Member


IAIE Consultant
37 Brook Hill Lane
Huntingtin, New York 11743

Dr. Eva Allen

Council Member


Pittsburg Schools, Learning Environment Specialist
341 S Bellafield Avenue
Pittsburg, PA 15213

Dr. Scott O’Brien

Council Member


Asst. Superintendent
Rocky Point Union Free School District
#90,Rocky Point
New York 117778

Rhonda Black

Council Member


University of Hawaii
Wist Hall 12,1776
University Avenue, Hawaii 96822

Dr. Jenny Edwards

Council Member


Professor, Fielding Graduate University
2020 De la Vinta
Santa Barbara, CA 93105-3814

Dr. Chris Anderson

Council Member


Asst. to Provost
1501 State Street
Marshall, MN 56268

Rae White

Council Member


163 Stormont Street
New Concord, Ohio 437692

Esmeralda Torres

Council Member


1st Grade Teacher, Esperanza Elementary
4956 West 3500 S.
West Valley City, Utah 84120

Vicki Wilson

Council Member


Ohio Chapter
2521 Ogden Road
Wilmington, Ohio, 451770

Allyson Shoenlein

Council Member


West Virginia Chapter
44 Regal Oaks, Barboursville
West Virginia, 25504

Dr. Tajian Liang

Council Member


Central Oregon University
400 E University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Melissa Cain

Council Member


University of Findlay
300 Davis
Findlay, OH 45840

Our Regional Leaders

Our Committees

Our Committees

The IAIE Membership Committee assists in the development of recruitment materials, promotes scholarships as available, and supports the various awards, including the Inviting School Award, the Fidelity Award, and the William Stafford Leadership Award. The committee also undertakes special projects, such as keeping in touch with student members, sending thanks to new and renewing members, organizing Senior Active and promoting creative ways to encourage membership.

William Purkey
The Research Committee is responsible for setting the research agenda for the Alliance. The committee works closely with the AERA SIG, the FORUM, the Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice editors, the Inviting School Award, and the Paula Helen Stanley Fidelity Award committees to gather and publish strong data supporting Invitational Theory and Practice.This committee is also responsible for the Outstanding Research Award presented at the Annual World Conference.

Jenny Edwards
The Inviting School Awards Committee is responsible for seeking nominations, reviewing applications and recognizing schools, districts and universities that have successfully used Invitational Education as a framework for creating an intentionally positive climate. Awards are presented at the Annual World Conference during even-numbered years.

James Botts
The Paula Stanley Fidelity School Awards Sub-Committee is responsible for maintaining contact with past recipients of the Inviting School Award and for encouraging schools to continue their efforts to build upon and be recognized for sustaining the Inviting Schools principles. Awards are presented at the Annual World Conference during odd number years.

Ken Wright
The William Stafford Leadership Award Sub-Committee is responsible for seeking nominations and selecting award-winners to recognize for exceptional service and leadership within the Alliance. This is the highest award presented by IAIE. Awards are presented at the World Conference during even number years.

Stephen Chu

State Chapters & International Programs

Jessamine County, KY
The Jessamine County Chapter of IAIE was founded in June, 2014. Our membership is largely Jessamine County educators, however, we are sharing information about Invitational Education with all neighboring county schools and educational institutions.

Planning meetings are held as needed. At these meetings we set chapter goals, report on goal progress, announce upcoming events, and share concerns. We also discuss invitational Education at monthly principals’ meetings.

Any interested educators are welcome to join us. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Invitational Education!
Long Island, NY
The Long Island, New York Chapter of IAIE was founded in 2015 at the New York World Conference, when 100 New York educators joined 140 US and international IAIE delegates for a memorable week of learning and sharing inviting approaches.

Fifty-four Fidelity Award winning delegates from Hong Kong, China visited outstanding Long Island schools to learn about their inviting strategies, resulting in unique partnerships between our schools and international schools.

The Long Island IAIE Chapter works collaboratively on positive climate initiatives with LI Social Emotional Literacy Forum (LI SELF).

In collaboration with local BOCES professional development centers, the LI IAIE Chapter hosts regional workshops to introduce new schools to Invitational Education and the IAIE exchange and award programs. We also provide workshops at individual schools upon request.
Muskingum University, OH
In 2006 Ohio IAIE members were meeting to support each other in the development of IE projects and activities for K-12 teachers and college students. We wanted an official name and a way to relate our work to the Alliance and became the first official IAIE chapter. Our first meeting as a chapter was May 25, 2007.

In 2010, our chapter hosted the World conference in Columbus, OH. In January 2011 the IAIE Trustees changed our tentative status to permanent as a chapter.

Muskingum University and Park Street Intermediate School collaboratively support the Ohio Chapter of IAIE. We meet quarterly and make presentations at educational conferences to spread the message of Invitational Education. Park Street Intermediate has also built a strong exchange program with Hong Kong schools and Muskingum has integrated IE tenets and fundamentals into the coursework for both graduate and undergraduate students.
Cabell County, WV
Cabell County achieved state chapter status in May 2014 but personnel within Cabell County Schools have been active in IAIE for over twenty years. Our membership includes school administrators, teachers, principals and assistant principals, instructional coaches, technology integration specialists, and retired personnel.

Many of Cabell’s IAIE team have attended World Conferences, have been leaders in IAIE, and our schools have hosted IAIE exchanges with Hong Kong schools.

We encourage anyone interested in IAIE to attend our meetings and workshops.

Asia Program - Hong Kong

IAIE Center - Hong Kong, China

IAIE Hong Kong Center
The IAIE Hong Kong Center is responsible for significant growth in Inviting School practices in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, and Singapore. Over 150 Asian Schools have achieved multiple Inviting and Fidelity School Awards through the guidance of the IAIE HK Center.

The Center provides comprehensive training for Asian schools interested in Invitational Education and provides world-renown experts on school climate, leadership, and instructional practices to China. The Invitational Education Institute in Hong Kong provides extensive accredited courses in Invitational Education and related topics.

The Center works closely with IAIE on all IAIE initiatives, especially the Inviting and Fidelity School Awards programs, the World Conference, Student Exchange Programs and educator exchange opportunities with US schools.
Contact USA-Based Hong Kong Coordinator:

Upcoming IAIE Conferences is supporting us with the free use of their online survey software.