What is Invitational Education?

Invitational Education is the process by which people are cordially summoned to realize their potential in all areas of worthwhile human endeavor.

Invitational Education is a general and focused framework for thinking and acting about what is believed to be worthwhile in organizations. Invitational theory is still evolving. Invitational Education points in a hopeful direction, offers an ethically principled approach to the educative process, encourages a common language of improvement and provides systematic and practical ways to make schools and other organizations “the most inviting places in town.”



The International Alliance for Invitational Education (IAIE) maintains an up-to-date, comprehensive list of annotated references developed and maintained by Dr. Jenny Edwards of Fielding Graduate University. The list includes:

  • 223 dissertations, masters theses, and presentations at conferences before 1991
  • 214 articles since 1991
  • 63 dissertations and masters theses since 1991
  • 58 books and book chapters since 1991
Individuals undertaking research in Invitational Education are encouraged to apply for the IAIE Outstanding Research and Dissertation Awards. The awards are presented annually to promote the scholarly study of the theory and practice of Invitational Education and to broaden and deepen its supportive research base.

For more information about the research awards and the latest edition of the IAIE Abstracts, please contact Dr. Jenny Edwards at jedwards@fielding.edu

Free Activities for Educators

If you are ready to begin implementing the Invitational Education approach to your organization, we have a collection of free activities to help you become a more inviting school.


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Free Invitational Schools Survey

Do you want to learn more about our invitational education survey? To determine how inviting your organization is at this time, you can complete the survey online as a Registered user. It's free to register. Once you are logged in, you can access our survey using the green "take the survey" button below (this will appear once you are logged in) or from your membership page under Membership Benefits. You will receive a copy of your survey by email to help you evaluate and compare your answers to others in your organization who have completed the survey. For more information on the survey, see our PDF of the Survey Manual which includes information regarding new translated versions and the higher education version of the survey.

PDF Survey for Researchers

We have added a PDF version for those who prefer to use paper copies and for the convenience of students doing research on invitational education and this type of survey. You will need to be a registered user to access this PDF.


Paid Survey: Disaggregated Data with Report

If you would prefer to have your organization's surveys collected, the data disaggregated, and receive a report on the findings with guidance to improve how inviting your organization is and on what you are doing well and which areas could be improved, we offer that service to our Organizational Members. Once you become an Organizational Member, you can purchase this service on your membership page.


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Member only resources include a library of articles on IE and The Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice. Join now to download these publications.

Submission guidelines for The Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice


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Ready to learn even more? We have you covered. You can purchase advanced materials in our Online Store including books and our Invitational Education Toolkit. We also offer Invitational Education Workshops, developed to address your organization's needs and Individual Invitational Education Coaching Services. For more information on our IE Workshops and IE Coaching, Contact us to discuss your needs.


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